What Others Say

Reza Rastegar

Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at Iowa State University and Director of Data Analytics in Occidental Petroleum, Houston, TX, USA

"I first met Reza back in 1998 when I was a first-year software engineering student at AmirKabir University of Technology.

He was one of the best senior students in our department and very active in both "Algorithm Design and Implementation" and "Artificial Intelligence."

Through my interactions with Reza in his C++ class and with him in the RoboCup competitions, I became very interested in pursuing Artificial Intelligence, which led me to choose AI as my primary area of research in grad school and a career with AI at its core.

I consider Reza as one of my most influential instructors and I highly recommend his mentoring and instructional services."

Amir Hadad

Ph.D. in Computer Science at the Australian National University and Lead Architect (Big Data Solutions) at Capgemini, Canberra, Australia

"Reza was very well known in my university years amongst the more junior students for his excellent teaching skills.

He was very good at articulating rather complex programming paradigms and concepts in an understandable manner and to initiate enthusiasm amongst the students.

What is more, he was very patient with students and ready to answer question after question."

Hamed Janzadeh

Senior Machine Learning SDE, AmazonAI, Amazon Web Services, Palo Alto, CA, USA

"Reza was my first undergraduate instructor in the "Introduction to Computer Engineering" class at the School of Computer Engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology.

In my opinion, and many others who have attended his classes, he is a very smart person, knowledgeable in computer science, eager to share his knowledge and expertise with others, and a really good teacher.

I greatly admire his continuous efforts to share his knowledge with others through creating this website and recommend taking his online courses to everyone who is interested in learning computer science."

Ali Aminfar

Software Development Engineer at Amazon Web Services, Eastwood, New South Wales, Australia

"I was quite lucky to have Reza as my computer lab tutor in my first semester. I have known Reza for years and he became my mentor from the first days at university.

Reza has vast and deep knowledge in IT and a vision of future. New technologies he was advocating back in late 90s, became industry de-facto standards in years to come.

Reza is fun and social, from working at student union to have his own meet up groups, he was always active in the community. His friends enjoy hanging out with him all the time.

Reza is a great teacher and an asset to any team he works with."

Ali Arasteh

Director of Mandiant Consulting Services, Toronto, Canada

"When I got accepted into the computer engineering program at AUT, I had never touched a computer, I had never written a single programing code, and had never used the internet. That’s back in year 2000.

Mr. Khojasteh’s class was the first course I took at the university. At first it was really intimidating. Many of my classmates were highly intelligent individuals that now have their PHDs and work for top firms like Google, Facebook and the likes.

If it was not for Mr. Khojasteh’s continuous mentorship and guidance, I would have changed from a computer engineering degree to more traditional engineering programs like electrical engineering or mechanical engineering.

His patience, ability to introduce complex concepts in simple terms to someone with no computer background and encouraging comments and insights into the future of the field was certainly influential factors that kept me in the program. I would gladly recommend Mr. Khojasteh."

Vahid Ghafarpour

M.Sc. in IT and PhD in Bioinformatics, and Chief Commercial Officer at Karina Mobile Solutions, Tehran, Iran

"Reza implemented training, measurement, and efficiency procedures that significantly made different experiences for me.

He teaches basic computer interfaces with different points of view to illustrate real usability of each one of them to students, and spends the time necessary to ensure that all of use are properly trained.

He has a very different culture at teaching. As he realized the changes required to deliver concepts effectively to trainers, he went to work analyzing himself, seeking feedback and then making changes to his style, approach, and manner. I believe he was able to make significant improvements because of his commitment to do so."

Nader Ghanbari 

Software Engineer at YoppWorks, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"I received my Software Engineering degree in 2005. Reza was our TA in the very first course; "Introduction to Computer Science and Programming."

I still remember after all these years how we learned about processors, registers, memory, computational models, flowcharts and above all problem solving skills in recitations of a course that was supposed to be just introductory.

A lot has changed in the software world since then but one thing is still intact: we have to think simple and keep things simple in order to overcome the complexity, by abstraction, separation of concerns, divide and conquer, etc.

That is exactly what Reza taught us almost 21 years ago now."

Ali Javan

Computer Engineer, and IT Lecturer at Marsden Technical Institute, Auckland, New Zealand

"It was the academic year of 2000-2001 and Java 2 has been introduced to the market. I have been struggling to understand Object Oriented programming and looking for someone to give me a better definition of Objects than "It is just a C structure++ Functions".

Reza had recently joined our university at that time and I was lucky to attend his first classes to learn Java and OOP. The deep understanding and foundation I had built for those concepts, in his courses, have stayed with me till now and made it easy for me to grasp the advanced concepts such as software agents, distributed platforms and cloud computing which I have studied and worked with later.

I still remember Reza's teaching method and appreciate his passion to explain the new concepts using the rationale and history behind them."

Mehdi Khajoo

M.Sc. in Software Engineering from London Metropolitan University, and Senior Software Developer and Tech Lead in Geeks Ltd, London, United Kingdom

"Reza was one of my Professors during my studies at university. The knowledge he provided on design and implementation of programming languages, left me with an in-depth view of the subject which has been essential to my career.

Reza's friendliness, enthusiasm and his comprehensive knowledge on the subject were truly admirable and inspiring."

Elmira Anbardar 

M.Sc. in Computer Systems and Networks from Chalmers university. and Software engineer at Semcon Company, Sweden

"I know Reza from 8 years ago. I had two courses with him during my bachelor study at the Islamic Azad University of Shiraz; "Artificial Intelligence" and "Presentation Method of Technical & Scientific Topics".

I liked his classes since he had enough knowledge and confidence related to the courses subjects. Interaction and cooperation between him and students make his classes more fruitful.

Another factor which makes his classes more enjoyable is his sense of humor; he is not a strict teacher. I, as a software engineer still use some of knowledge and information that I learned during his classes in my daily work."

Mina Ghobadi

Computer Engineer at E.ON GmbH, Germany

"I am Currently working on my master thesis with the "Cognive Roboter Systems" team at the University of Duisburg, Germany with the subject of "Estimation the accuracy of the Kalman Filter". Meanwhile, I am working in IT Business department of "E.ON GmbH" (One of the biggest energy Companies in EU which is focused on production and distribution of clean energy).

I passed "Artificial intelligence " with Reza Khojasteh at Azad University of Shiraz and I am really thankful of him because of that.

Honestly, he taught that course perfect and that was why I found myself interested in pursuing my major in Robotics and Robot vision fields, during my master's."

John Shojaei 

Data Engineer, AWS Solutions Architect, and Business Intelligence Developer at Ingram Micro, Irvine, California, USA

"Professor Khojasteh is a great instructor. He knows how to explain complex formulas and ideas. I had the honor of being in his Java Programming and, Artificial Intelligence classes and he did a great job of teaching the material. Professor Khojasteh made great use of technology.

He uses videos, Powerpoint presentations, and a digital board which I think is necessary for such complicated subjects. I believe in his teaching methods, his integrity and, passion for teaching and helping students. "

Samar Moezzi

Computer Engineer and Development Lead/Manager at Labelmaster, Seattle, Washington, USA

"I had some courses with Mr. Khojasteh during my undergrad education, including "Programming Languages Design and Implementation" and "Artificial Intelligence".

I clearly remember the excitement I had after the first day of his classes, especially the one in AI which was about the history and introduction to AI. In one hour and a half, he showed me how I should look at computers, how I should think, and how to look into future.

He changed my career forever. He is one of the most influenced teachers I've ever had. He went beyond his responsibility as an instructor and introduced great concepts to me, which helped me reach out my potentials.

I am always thankful to have him as my professor."

Fariba Manoochehri

M.Sc. in Information Technology, SAP Consultant at Ouest Business Solutions Inc., Vancouver, Canada

"Although I’ve never been a developer throughout my career, the "Advanced Programming" course I had with Reza Khojasteh veritably taught me the fundamental concepts of OO coding in C++, which in turn made me a great program debugger as a business system analyst.

I got impressed with Reza’s ability to articulate the material in a simple, yet effective, manner and to build rapport with the students. His enthusiasm for teaching encouraged many students, including me, to take further courses such as "Artificial Intelligence" and the final project with him.

Not only I had a fortune to take all these courses, but I also enjoyed the challenging assignments he designed to take students to the heart of a deep learning."

Nadia Khoshgoo  

Graduate Student at University of Manitoba, Canada

"Mr. Khojasteh was my Artificial Intelligence(AI) professor . His fantastic interesting unique and unforgettable way of teaching consists of fun and making the content interesting and his love to teach.

As a smart, alert, fun and straightforward professor he had the best way of conveying the most difficult contents of the AI course. It was in a way that even for the most difficult contents the knowledge of background courses were not important .

How he managed the class was in a way that even in Shiraz which is well known of making you sleepy in Spring and also it was 3-4 in the afternoon (the most sleepy time), all students even those who were sleepy or messaging during a class at that time were concentrating on the course. This was due to the the great way of teaching by him, his alertness, making the course interesting and his funny character and still being a professional professor regarding his behavior and students knew he would surely understand what they are doing. His way of teaching and conveying content led to more interest of robotic and AI in me.

As a conclusion, I would have gotten any other course taught by him if they were available because of his awesome ability to convey the deepest content of the course and his own way of making it more interesting. In my opinion, he had one of the best ways of teaching and the most effective ones. Regarding that, I sat in another course thought by him to increase my programming knowledge. Having a good sense of humor to convey knowledge makes a great professor like him, a great and awesome one."

Hamed HaddadPajouh

Senior Researcher and Product Developer at University of Guelph, Canada

"Reza provided us with very good material about AI algorithms and functionalities.

I had had good connection with the course concepts and class which changed my insight about AI field.

Another important Issue about his class that made me happy was a good and happy atmosphere which always existed in the class under his control."

Reza Shirazi

Technical Team Lead and Senior .NET developer at Xchanging a DXC technology company, Newbury, United Kingdom

"I had the pleasure to pass a couple of my technical courses such as "Artificial Inelegance" and "Algorithms Design", under the supervision of professor Reza Khojasteh, back in Iran, while I was studying for my bachelor's degree.

I was really impressed with his profound knowledge and teaching skills from the very first day of the classes, and throughout the courses.

I would consider him as a patient and supportive instructor who was always keen to answer all the questions, no matter how many or challenging they were. Things that I learned from him in those courses such as sort/search algorithms and logical/deep thinking in AI, totally changed my career, as I could use many of them in my professional work.

All I can say is that, many thanks Reza Khojasteh, for all the hard work and time you spent with me and the rest of the class to elevate our knowledge. Wish you all the best!"

Nima Ghaedsharafi

M.Sc. in Software Engineering, Software Engineer, and Backend Team Lead at Snapp.ir, Tehran, Iran

"Mr. Khojasteh, his mastery of computer science subjects, and giving lectures, are famous among his students.

I had the pleasure of attending his lectures for a couple of courses, like Data Structures & Algorithms Design, AI, and Advanced Programming, during my bachelor's degree.

Every course which I had with Mr. Khojasteh, did have a significant impact on my educational and career path.

I couldn't achieve mastery of these stuff, easily, without his help. Participating in his class is also cool and enjoyable."

Saman Eslamloueyan

M.Sc. in Software Engineering from Western University and Android/iOS Developer at binnj, inc., London, Ontario, Canada

"I had heard a lot of positive comments about professor Khojasteh and I couldn’t understand some of them up until the time I took my first course with him. "Advanced Programming" in Java, is a course which has to be taught by a professional professor, so that students could grow their programming skills and knowledge in the right path.

I cannot tell what an amazing experience I had in that course, building up my life's foundation as a programmer. Following professor Khojasteh's assignments, lectures and the sources he provided, led me to be in my today's position, which is a Full-Stack Android developer, working on a big Android application, in a good company, in North America. His strictness and fantastic integrity as a teacher, made me more passionate about programming field so that I took two more courses with him: "Algorithms Design", and "Artificial Intelligence".

In Algorithms Design, he covered topics which shaped my mind for my professional career as an Android developer. I still follow the steps I've learned in his classes which come in handy for me to find efficient approaches and write neat codes. And about the Artificial Intelligence course that I had with professor Khojasteh, I have to say that whatever I learned about Intelligent agents and their ability to learn from their environments, were an asset to my Master's degree in University of Western Ontario (UWO).

Professor Khojasteh is one of the best teachers in this field, as you might have Googled his name, and have already found out about his achievements in RoboCup competitions and lots of other things.

At the end, I would like to comment that in whatever position I am in today, with no exaggeration, is all because of professor Khojasteh. He built up my developer's life foundation, perfect enough, to be able to have my current job."

Hossein Riasati

M.Sc. in IT from University of Tehran, and IT Lead at Demes co., Shiraz, Iran

"Me, with no prior knowledge of programming, first day of university, first professor, Mr. Khojasteh.

He let us build a deep knowledge of programming basis and for that, after a couple of years later, I can write code in more than 10 programming languages. And I owe him for that.

I'll never forget the AI course. Each and every session, I had to listen to his speech one more, to fully understand all the bits and pieces of what he had in mind.

And to tell the truth, this course opened my mind to a new era of computer science and that led me to choose artificial intelligence for M.Sc. in University of Tehran. And I'm so grateful for that."

Omid Rahbar

Founder and CEO at Kumquat (a Technology based Company), Shiraz, Iran

"The "professional professor of computer science" is the first phrase that comes to my mind when I think about Reza Khojasteh.

I was particulary impressed by his ability in teaching "Algorithms" and other programming–related courses, especially Java, that was very helpful in my further education in software engineering.

I also found the concepts and ideas which I learned in these courses very useful, later, while I was working on industrial projects, specially during the development of Android mobile apps.

He is a great teacher and I strongly recommend him."